GFCI Outlets: Everything You Need to Know This outlet is responsible for saving the life of everyone present in your home within the blink of an eye.The GFCI outlet acts swiftly (within 1/40th of a second).It automatically shuts off the outlet or connection in the case of a ground fault. Hence the name; ground fault circuit interrupter. GFCI Outlet Receptacles. Help protect your family from the risk of electrical shock. The recommendation of the National Electrical Code (NEC) on GFCI requirements for home units in Article 210.8 is that GFCI outlets be installed for all 125-volt,single-phase,15- and 20-amp receptacles in the locations below:Your bathrooms Your bathroom is a high risk-level area as water is usually everywhere.All outlets here must be GFCI proof. GFCI also known as“Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter”is a protective device which automatically detects the ground faults and leakage current and provides personal protection against electrocution.GFCI as an outlet / receptacle,combo or circuit breaker,automatically cuts off the main power supply within millisecond against electric shock.